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If you don't believe, DO NOT buy.
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The description of app by: MoonStar.Studio

If you don't believe, DO NOT buy.
• Please ask for an overlay by another psychic if you don't believe it. Please ask for anyone who is overlooked without the need to fear that your spirit will be stolen, because the spirit here is not an arbitrary spirit that can be stolen by just anyone.
• All spirits here have layered protection (100% Full Protection).
• Fill in the Testimonials so that other people are helped a lot, if you fear your privacy is disturbed you don't need to fill it.
• 100% Privacy is guaranteed.
• 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Terms of Service

I will try my best to explain the questions about the items I sell

* I have Paranormal abilities not a true entrepreneur who only prioritizes profit, think once again where might the unseen item be sold by people who do not have paranormal abilities?

================================================== ===
If you ask about a car it is not possible to see a doctor
If you ask about health, it is not possible to repair a repair shop
================================================== ===
Choose the right person

I will still be responsible for the items you order

* I try to serve you quickly.
* Fast Response Services APPLY 24 hours / 7 days including holidays / weeks (Unless I am bathing, sleeping or examining)
* Please contact me via Call or BB pin (I will definitely reply)
* ALL customers will be served WELL (including newbie)
* DOES NOT serve other kiosk power questions because it is not ethical.
Frequently asked questions

1. What is Spirit?
Spirit is an energy that has a life; can be offended and angry like humans. Spirit is not to be worshiped but to be made a friend.

2. What is Costume Conjure?
The Costum Conjure is the spirit that you know already, who is the master. When the summoning or withdrawal process has been asked, the conjurer wants to come with you or not.

3. Do you need bonding, red candle invocation poetry, altar, etc.?
A strong spirit certainly needs initial alignment and self-recognition. How can we not get acquainted first? but make sure the altar is not necessary except the media in the form of statues, etc. that are not carried around and are only placed at home.

4. How many spirits do I have to have?
Use as needed.

5. Need a charging box?
Spirit takes energy around, but if you want to keep it in the box, it's certainly more neat.

6. What spirit do we sell?
Please see for yourself.

7. What spirit should I choose? Dark or Light?
Whatever your free will is.

9. Are there side effects?

10. Is there an age limit for having a spirit?
If you are not 17 years old or not yet mature, don't take the spirit that can make you have free sex or make other people difficult. Because you still can't control yourself. But once again it's your free will, I can't manage.

11. Can the spirit be found, felt and invited to chat?
If you have opened all three eyes, you can see them. But to feel the average person can.

12. Does this include Shirk ato Musyrik by using items or services available here?
NOT. Safe for all religions and beliefs.

13. Does using sacrifice?
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