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Last updated: Thursday, November 10, 2022

Fight with various dinosaurs using augmented reality (AR) with simple operation.

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AR Dinosaur Battle (ARDB) game

- A game, AR Dinosaur Battle (ARDB), where various 3D dinosaurs battle in front of you is finally here!
- You can operate the dinosaur with super easy operation just by moving your smartphone.
- Completely free, no communication costs except for viewing ads.
- How many dinosaurs can you defeat?
- Some enemies can join you if you defeat them.
- If you beat all of them in a row after rasing the level, the strongest dinosaur (last boss) will appear!

【How to use】
- When playing in an unstable environment such as while moving, in a dark place, or in front of white walls, turn off [Camera].
- The screen can be set vertically or horizontally.
- First, look in front of you and scan around for spatial mapping.
- Next, choose your dinosaur.
- You can increase the players by defeating enemies.
- When an enemy appears, move your smartphone or use touch operations to attack it.
- Bump your head on the enemy's back (some enemies have dangerous backs).
- By pressing the [Pose] button, you can observe the dinosaurs from various directions.
- The dinosaurs will reappear by pressing the [Gather] button, even if they disappear.
- Once you beat it, press the "next" button.
- Your dinosaurs can level up (max 30) by beating many enemies.
- You can see the records by pressing the [Data] button.

【How to move】
- Move your smartphones = move (every direction)*
- Swipe with 1 finger (left-right) = rotation
- Swipe with 1 finger (up-down) = move forward and back
- Swipe with 2 fingers (left-right, up-down) = move left and right, move up and down**
* In the [AR off] mode, moving by moving your smartphones cannot be used.
** Moving up and down is not allowed in the fields of sea, snow, desert, and green.
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AR Dinosaur Battle (ARDB) APK 1.0.19 Update

Added some new enemies.

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AR Dinosaur Battle (ARDB)
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