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Last updated: Monday, March 7, 2022

Skylines, Silvias, Laurels and Cefiros! ...Heaven without the spaghetti monster!.

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As a Japanese drift missile goes, few bear the strong road presence of the beautiful 90's shape. They certainly don't make them like they used to and modern iterations from popular brands will have you suspended in a repeated cycle of yawns, yearning for the return of the turbo charged RB or SR engine to production.

For your typical Skyline, Silvia, Laurel or Cefiro driver, there truly isn't a better way to spend the rest of Summer than disqualified from driving. If anything it's become somewhat of a tradition.

You dumped second gear coming out of your local Maccas carpark in your Skyline, Silvia, Laurel or Cefiro, your passengers arms were flailing through the air as a small crowd of the local populace cheered on with excitement. You provided nothing but value and positivity to a variety of spectator and as you flew sideways across the tarmac you were caught red handed by one of the wage slave enforcers of the red and blue!

Expect financial decay, a judicial system to waste your time with a long drawn out day sitting unnecessarily in an overcrowded waiting room for hours on end to complete a 2 second task undeniably automatable via email in the modern world we live in followed by a regular seat on the bus. It seems as a society, the oppression of it's people is supposedly progressive.

There's quite an art to losing your license and the earlier in the year the better. You'll spend all summer tagging along in the passenger seats of your friends prides and joys, save all your money and just as wet season hits you're back on the road with a bit of financial backing, along with stormy weather to add to slip factor while also extending the lifetime of your tyres!

Hopefully ready for the unexpected maintenance cost such a caliber of vehicle undeniably comes with. Skyline's, Silvia's, Laurel's and Cefiro's are not without their regular financial pitfalls, worst of these costs being the unnecessary wage slave coupons continually handed out by the local establishment to line the pockets of wealthy bankers and politicians who's employed task is to argue amongst themselves at an overpriced rate per hour, adding rules to ruin your experience and playthrough of the game called life.

That's really all life is... a game. Don't think for a second the world you perceive isn't entirely digital! As such it's a shame we can't all have Skyline's, Silvia's, Laurel's and Cefiro's with clear open roads and no traffic. It seems the game of life is in much need of an update or DLC removing all the people so the beautiful terrain can truly be explored amongst a post apocalyptic wasteland, road warrior style! I sure know which experience would sell more tickets!

Although you've now lost your license it's not your fault, it's just the Nissan way. Sideways one day... and in the passenger seat the next.
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Skyline Silvia Laurel Cefiro
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