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Last updated: Sunday, June 12, 2022

Eat the objects around you and get bigger to clean the planet!.

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Eco Slime game

People are not going to stop polluting the planet, so they need a reason.. from the space?

An asteroid crashed into the planet and what came out from is.. Slime. Quite small, but really hungry!

Eat what fits in you and grow in size to eat bigger objects and grow even more!

But be careful, slime is afraid of everything wet and hot, so cleverly choose what to eat and what to avoid!

Also be prepared for anything, because not everyone is very happy about your arrival.

You can explore the bright and spacious Town, which also has it’s secrets. So reveal them and save the nature!

It depends only on you whether the planet will continue to be polluted, or it will sparkle with new colors while you clean it!
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Eco Slime APK 1.0 Update

This time has finally come. Eco Slime Initial Release on Google Play for everyone who has an Android device!

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Jun 13, 2022
Eco Slime
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