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Have you ever heard of krav maga? The martial art is now a trend among the people, especially those who want martial techniques to keep themselves from evil.
Krav maga is an Israeli martial art. The goal is to defend yourself in street fights. Krav maga developed as part of the needs of today's world, involving street fights.

Krav maga is also considered the most efficient and brutal martial art that is a combination of boxing, muay thai, jiu jitsu, wing chun, and wrestling. This technique of krav maga fights ends a fight as quickly as possible by attacking the weakest point of the enemy's body.

Wing chun as a base of protection against weapons, judo and jiu jitsu wrestling techniques to bring down enemies quickly, and muay thai to attack enemy's weak points. Based on this combination of martial techniques this krav maga is often referred to as the most deadly and dangerous martial technique.
There is no standard rule in krav maga as a self-defense technique in the battle, but krav maga basically emphasizes the safety of its users while trying to paralyze the opponent in any way that can be done.

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