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Current Version: 1.0

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4.0 and up+
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Find My Phone allows you to find your phone or your device or your location

This app allows you to find your phone or to find your device using and is the essential tracking tool for anyone, your friends or family phones(my phone finder), so you have to select list of peoples who you want to allow them to find your phone, and list of devices connected to my phone , peoples who you will find them, Also you could find you phone from any device that do not have this app by sending SMS contains your personal password to your phone

Locate and Find My Friends allows you to locate your friends and identify their exact location on the application's navigation map. It's the perfect way to follow your friends if you're shopping in a mall, visiting a museum, camping outdoors or on the way to meet - never this year's party! For families, it offers peace of mind. There is no need to constantly text message children or other parents to know where they are and if they are safe. Locate and Find My Friends allows everyone to enjoy life and stay connected without having to send or respond to an uninterrupted stream of "where are you from? Locate and Find My Friends uses state-of-the-art Global Positioning System (GPS) to provide the most accurate and up-to-date locations in real time.Never wonder where are your friends, if they are lost, stuck in traffic, or just late.) Locate and Find My Friends will not take long to understand where your friends really are and help them get where they are supposed to be. easy to use friend and people search app!

when lost phone, or when lost your device , this application helps you find whereabouts it.

Contains four languages:
- Portuguese

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