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Unique wooden crafts are very popular today

Wooden handicraft means the making of wooden goods produced by human hands. Related to this research is the manufacture of wooden materials in the form of reliefs and sculptures with the motifs of animals form the four legs and sea animals produced through human hands skills.
Wood craft development is also very rapidly various types of crafts have been produced. Due to the very abundant availability of wood raw materials, in each region has a typical wood and can be if it becomes a good quality handicraft. In general, the wood used to make a craft is mahogany, teak wood, pine wood, and many other types of wood. Wooden handicraft material from the forest, Taking it not en masse, but as needed. And this is the factor of influence is still lestarinya forest.
The skills possessed by pre woodworkers can make various crafts such as wall hangings, miniatures, tissue places, paintings, and various other crafts. While the current craft of interest by many people is a unique wooden craft. Here are some unique wooden crafts you can make inspiration.

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