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Turn based RPG game in fantasy setting.
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The description of app by: White Byte Software

Turn based RPG game in fantasy setting - a set of simple elements from RPG, plus turn based movement and fights.


Game opportunities:

- There is a stock, the whole three types of weapon and a rum bottle (that else can cure the real old salt!).

- It is possible to plunder chests with gold! (the truth pirates from it strongly are upset and fall into violence).

- It is possible to collect objects and to plunder chests only to a final whistle - at least one opponent is still alive (that a little inconveniently and forces other crew members to run from blows while one plunders everything that comes across).

- On the stolen gold it is possible to buy the same pirates.

- Weapon has a resource, and breaks at the most inappropriate moment, leaving the seaman with barehanded - and it at the levels a little therefore more powerful weapon should protect and be not to spent for weak opponents.

- During the game it is possible to switch to any seaman (so far he gives signs of life of course). It is impossible to switch to pirates - for management it is necessary to allocate with them the seaman.

- During fight it is possible to transfer weapon from one other seaman, in turn using it.

- For passing of final fight (yes, in a game there is a final fight - and for its passing you should not be closed in the dark room!) - at least 6 guns are required - they are at the previous level, but there it is better not to spend them. The truth personally it did not help me - there could not pass this level - but I do not lose hope!

- At start of a game the screen several times blinks - it is not a bug, but a feature!

More precisely function of fine tuning of a game under the power of your iron for more - less acceptable FPS (20-25).
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