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Lightweight app to track your body changes with photos and record weight data.
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Tired of fearing people scrolling through your phones gallery and coming across your progress pics after your last workout?

Or maybe you wish there was an easy way to group these images together?

Homebuilt Body Tracker allows you to easily track your body changes as well as record your weight through our lightweight app.

First off our app has no sign in, no cloud servers for AI to rummage through your photos and no annoying notifications.

What we do offer is a simple, lightweight app to jump in and record your current weight then snap a progress pic that will be saved securely on your phone away from your gallery.

When you’re ready to share your progress with the world simply open the app and select the images to save back to your gallery.

Got something you’d like added to the app? Let us know, we’re always looking for ways to improve your experience!
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