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Last updated: Friday, December 9, 2022

FPS Zombie Game - Get your weapons and try to escape from the space station.

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WA Mutation game

WA Mutation is a 3D mobile zombie action game. Unlike the mobile zombie action games you know, you are in full control. Many controls are presented in the game. These are touch screen, VR, Mouse+Keyboard, Gamepad, Emulators. Plug in what you want and start enjoying the game endlessly. In addition, the game was developed and continues to be developed by independent game developers.

The story of the WA Mutation.
"You are a soldier on a scientific base in a corner of endless, dark and cold space. An accident happens and you pass out. Your friends take you to your room and make you rest. When you wake up, you sense something strange. You hear strange screams. Your friends! They left you some notes. They tell you what happened at the top. Unfortunately, they were not as lucky as you. You are the only survivor on the Station. You need to leave the station as soon as possible. You have to go through a long and difficult way for this. You are surrounded by bloodthirsty. It's full of hungry zombies. You have to be careful. Now equip your weapons and try to escape from the station as soon as possible.
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WA Mutation APK 0.1d Update

Added Player Scoreboard.
Added ammunition acquisition by watching ads.
Menu navigation bugs fixed.

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Dec 09, 2022
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Aug 21, 2022
WA Mutation
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