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Do not buy baby shoes. Choose the right one, because the shoe also determine the development of baby's feet. Do not be easily

tempted by a variety of cute baby shoes shape and model. Adjust its function to the baby's needs.
Shoes have benefits. Shoes are not just footwear for babies. There are a series of benefits for the baby that may be less than we think. What are the benefits of shoes?
Protect baby's feet from sharp objects.
Supports body weight, so that the focus is centered in the correct position. This position will form the correct gait.
Helps correct or correct some types of errors (abnormalities) in the baby's growing baby-growing process.
Helps to form a baby's leg structure is correct and normal.
Help and support the process of learning to walk baby, according to the stage of growth.
Maintain the growth of the baby as well as direct the rotation of the leg bone in the right direction. Therefore, the babyshould start wearing ergonomic shoes from the age of 1.5 - 7 years.
Various kinds. Make no mistake, Mother. Shoes for babies have several types according to their function. Such as:
For babies learning to crawl. Use thick, lace-backed shoes to protect baby's back from touching the floor.
For babies learn to creep. Use shoes with sturdy outer edges to protect the edges of baby's feet.
For babies learning to walk. Use strong and sturdy heels so you can "grasp" the heel of your baby's leg well when you step out.
Tips & Tricks Choose Shoes. Want to shop for baby shoes? We recommend that you find shoes that have these criteria:
The shape is strong and sturdy so that it can support the baby's legs well. Not too loose and also not too narrow, ergonomic like "embracing" baby's feet so comfortable to wear.
Choose shoes with a closed model and can form a normal baby's legs.
Made of flexible or flexible material so that it can change following the movement of baby's feet. So also with the inside of the shoe, select a made of soft material so that the baby's foot skin does not experience irritation.
Made from soft material and allows baby's skin to breathe, for example from a cloth that absorbs sweat.
There is space left on the toe of the baby, a maximum of 1.5 cm.
Choose which has medial arching pads (the center part on the inner side slightly prominent), so it does not make the baby tire quickly.
Shoe tip is rounded or oval, and not sharp.
Outsole soles are wide enough and strong enough to support the baby's feet, but not too high.
The top of the strong soles "hug" the baby's heel. So, choose not made from cloth but from leather or imitation leather. Height should be up to cover the heel.
Choose a model that does not block the ankle so that the baby's legs can move freely and the knee does not bear the burden on the feet move.
Should replace the baby shoes with a new every 2-3 months, according to the stages of development of roads that have been achieved.
Thus the development of the legs and the ability to walk the baby will be more leverage.

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Date published: Jul 28, 2017

Current version: 1.0

Requires android: 2.3 and up

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