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How to Choose Women's Sandals

When going to buy sandals, the commonly used way is to choose an interesting at first glance. You are so not Friends? If you are used to using the rule, try checking again deh Friends. Not necessarily the sandals that look beautiful in the eyes you use. There are rules that you should consider before buying sandals, namely matching sandals with the shape of the foot.

Yes, do not follow trends. When there are sandals or shoes that trend you rush to buy it. Though not necessarily match the sandals with your feet. Unfortunately not when it's bought expensive sandals, but it did not fit and look weird when worn. If you want to buy sandals or other fashion items, you should see the first reference as in Blibli.com. If there's a match, you can do Purchase Through Apps.

Before you decide which slippers are suitable and fit for your feet, you should first understand tips on choosing sandals according to the foot shape.

Many people who crave slender legs and ladder like a model. These feet are indeed "friendly" for all types of sandals. But there is also abstinence for this leg, which is to avoid slender heels sandals with the front of pointed. For small slender legs, you are more suited to using gladiator sandals like Xena, The Warrior Princess. You can also wear thick clogs shoes so your feet do not look small. Black shoe can also hide the shape of a small foot.

A large ankle requires its own tricks in choosing sandals. Can not choose origin, because if one can choose to make the foot look fat. One of the sandals that is suitable for the use of the foot with a large wrist strapy heels model, the sandals with a combination of straps on the legs. You can also choose ankle strap model sandals, ie sandals with straps on the ankle like this.

Owners of legs that less level should avoid sandals with bright shades or striking ornaments. Sandals are too crowded it will make people pay more attention to your feet and your short legs are more visible. Choose shoes with mono color like a brown color that will disguise the size of your feet.

For you big calf owner, no need to be inferior. You can still appear kece with the right footwear. One option is to use sandals or strap shoes. Striped accessory from the straps on your sandals or shoes will make your legs look sexy and slimmer.

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