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Last updated: Saturday, December 3, 2022

Magic eye app.

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Eye Magician - Magic Hypnosis app

Eye Sorcerer.

This fun app will impress you and your friends with its multiple magic features.

Impress yourself and your friends' eyes vividly with this app.

If you want, bewitch your eyes with magic pictures or see the surroundings magically. We have brought together these cool and impressive magic tricks for you.

★The Eye of the Fish:
Play tricks on your eyes and apply a lively effect with your own eyes when he looks around. Experience the fisheye effect with your friends.

★Magic Bulb:
With this unusual magic light bulb, you will see a light bulb in front of your eyes. You and your friends will really have fun.

★Secret Girl:
You won't be able to see this magic girl in her true color at first. But if you're patient, maybe you can see it.

★Magic Pictures:
You and your friends will get lost in these magical pictures. All of them have different magical properties. But the trick is, with which eye and how to look. You will have a lot of fun and surprise with your friends trying to find it.

★Smiling Girl:
Can you see the smiling girl? This different work will convey different emotions to you. What matters is not what you see, but how you look.

★Reverse plate:
How are you going to see these plates? Inverted or straight? Don't worry, not everyone understands what's going on in the first place. You'll see what happens next.

Experience them all for yourself and with your friends. Discover these magical properties with them and have fun.
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Eye Magician - Magic Hypnosis
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