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Last updated: Saturday, April 16, 2022

Take the adventure with blueberries in a relaxed way, reap different happiness.

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Blueberry Adventure game

In the orchard of the farm, there was a blueberry that couldn't sleep at night. She was thinking, not wanting to stay in the orchard all her life like other brothers and sisters. She recalled that time, the children who came to play in the orchard talked with joy and laughter about the world on the other side of the mountain. She seemed to be able to feel the wonderful world on the other side of the mountain. So, one day...
This story, I try to tell for the first time, I hope it can be as exciting as you.
The easter eggs and the fragments when you passed the all levels are what I left after careful consideration. If you think it is well, please look forward to the continuation.
However, there are many shortcomings in the story of this small independent game made by only one person. You are also welcome to point out the shortcomings, and I will continue to work hard to improve it.
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1. Optimize some functions.
2. Fix some bugs.

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Blueberry Adventure
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