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A headboard is, quite literally, a board that goes at the head of a bed. Headboards help focus attention on the bed as a design element as well as helping to visually integrate the bed with the rest of the room. If a bed were a fireplace, the headboard would be the mantelpiece. If a bed were a painting, the headboard would be the frame. A bed does not have to have a headboard, but choosing a headboard can really bring a room together as well as provide practical benefits.

Headboards can be simple or fancy, decorative or practical, traditional or experimental. Buying or making a headboard can be a fairly easy way to dress up a room and express a person’s creativity and style. This discussion takes the reader through the different kinds of headboards and how to choose a headboard that complements the room and the bed. There are several reasons to Choose a Headboard

Adding Visual Interest to a Room
A headboard offers a visual focal point for the room, just as the bed itself does. A headboard also helps set the mood of the room, whether that mood is traditional, modern, comfortable, or funky. A bed with a headboard also looks more formal than one without. A headboard makes it obvious that some effort has gone into the design of the room instead of various pieces of furniture haphazardly thrown together.

Functional Purposes
Headboards are not just decorative. Depending on the design, a headboard can also be useful. For people who like sitting up in bed, a headboard can provide a backrest behind the pillows. The wall behind the bed can also be a backrest, but a padded headboard will be more comfortable. Headboards that are attached to the bed also offer a more secure backrest than bare walls or headboards that are mounted on the wall; sometimes beds can push away from the wall, creating an annoying gap that swallows the pillows.

Headboard Materials
Wooden headboards are classic and often feature decorative carving, and some are stained while others are painted. Metal headboards are also traditional, and these can be fantastically ornate, featuring curls and twists and leaves of iron or brass, either painted or left plain. Other popular options include wicker, bamboo, or upholstery. Upholstered headboards may have a wooden backing and are often framed in wood. One popular style is called both buttoned or tufted. These headboards are upholstered and accented with fabric-covered buttons at regular intervals. The fabric puffs out between the buttons, giving a somewhat quilted appearance.

Shapes and Sizes of Headboards
There are several standard shapes for headboards, each with its own name, such as Redcliff, Cavendish, or York. A quick search on the Internet should yield pictures of these shapes. Some headboards leave standard shapes behind and explore new designs. Widths are also standardized, with some exceptions. Headboards are usually constructed to be the same width as standard size beds, so a queen-sized headboard will match the width of a queen-sized bed.

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As we know that headboard is the decoration of your bedroom, you should choose your design of headboard. Headboard will make your ordinary bedroom become romantic bedroom. So, let's download and install this application, find ideas about headboard design and change our bedroom!


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