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Last updated: November 2022

AirWatch Relay allows enrollment of fully managed devices into Workspace ONE UEM.

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Google has created a true corporate ownership mode for Android devices that allows AirWatch and the IT administrator to control the entire device. This mode is known as “Work Managed Device” mode. The purpose of this app is to provision a device into Work Managed Device mode and auto-enroll it into AirWatch.

Setting up a Work Managed Device using AirWatch Relay requires a staging process. This will require a staging device or a “parent device” that will stage a “child device”. The parent device will have AirWatch Relay installed on it. This application will relay information through NFC telling the child device to:
 Set the device date/time and locale
 Connect to the staging Wi-Fi network
 Download the latest production version of the AirWatch Agent for Android
 Silently set the AirWatch Agent as device owner
 Automatically enroll the agent into AirWatch

The child device must be in a factory reset state and support/have NFC turned on by default in order to be provisioned into Work Managed Device mode. This will guarantee that the device is not setup for personal use.

Requires Android Beam (not available in Android 10)
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AirWatch Relay APK 5.21.0 Update

Updated app version to support Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub for Android.

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