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Collection of fashion design sketch ideas

Ideas Sketches Clothing

Collection of fashion design sketch ideas

Sketches or fashion design patterns can be used to provide knowledge to people interested in learning fashion illustrations and can also add creativity or fashion design skills with fashion sketches.
Sketches of fashion is a design made manually by drawing clothing that will be presented first to people to give examples of clothing that will be made.

To produce the right clothing without any mistake in making it requires a creative design or sketch.
Before making clothing or sewing you must have a theme or concept before making a fashion design to prevent errors in the process of making.
Sketches of this fashion can be used to prevent the occurrence of fashion errors, because if the clothes directly made or sewn it will be very detrimental by the tailor if something goes wrong.

Sketches of clothing made with drawing can also be colored to make the sketch more visible and attractive.
You can get this app for free.
This application is presented to help or facilitate you in determining the fashion model you want by looking at this application.
Hopefully this application can be useful for you and thank you for downloading this application.

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