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Last updated: Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Alcidae Grager 2 - how to connect, mounting, about device and etc.

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Alcidae Garager-2 helps keep you safe by monitoring the entrance and exit of your home. Don't worry if your garage door is left open with Garager 2, everything is under your watch. You can interact with your garage verbally at any time using the built-in microphone and speaker on your Alcidae camera. You will receive notifications when your garage door is opened or closed.

About Alcidae Grager 2
How to setup your device (plugging and pairing)
Mounting Garage
Connecting Controller Wiring to Door Motor
How to Connect Wires to Alcidae Garager 2
How to use Alexa to control your device (Amazon key for garage)
How do I share my garager with another user?
Sync Alcidae Garager-2 to Door Opener
Frequently Asked Questions

You can find the above-mentioned titles in the content of this mobile app, that is a guide.
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Alcidae Grager 2 Guide
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