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Last updated: June 2022

Illustrated Dentistry - Helps dentists to consult their patients.

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Dental 3D Illustrations app

This application is designed for professional dentists who want to advise their patients more effectively. A large collection of 3D illustrations of dental treatment is sorted into groups and located inside this application.

Quick and easy. Many dentists draw illustrations on paper every time explaining the treatment process to their patients, which can take some time. Finding the necessary illustration in the application database is very simple- it will take you about 10 seconds.

The 3D illustration is better than a photo. Patients can be shocked and frightened by seeing photographs of blood operations or a real photo of teeth. If you use 3D illustrations, the patient most likely will perceive such information loyally.

Quality and precision. All illustrations are based on accurate anatomy, real procedures, and treatment, based on the support of professional doctors and dental surgeons.

Access to the necessary illustrations will be instant regardless of where you are. This application does not use the Internet traffic to download the illustrations, all necessary 3D illustration files are already contained within the application.

Use your materials. You can place your photos in the application using them to demonstrate to your patients. The application does not store your data but only uses the image file from your device in its gallery.

The category of selected illustration topics allows you to access the most frequently used topics even faster. To do this, you will need to transfer the necessary topic to the Favorites section.

The list of topics by category:
⦁Anatomy of teeth and jaws. Information schemes.
⦁Hygiene and teeth whitening. The development of tartar and plaque. Cleaning.
⦁Therapy- dental treatment. Different types of caries.
⦁Prosthetics. Veneers, Restorations, Bridges, Crowns, Removable prostheses.
⦁Implantation. Bone Augmentation. Partial and complete rehabilitation of teeth.
⦁Orthodontics. Braces, Occlusion, Congenital and acquired defects.
⦁Periodontology. Various gum problems and their treatment.
⦁Surgery. Extractions, Hemisection, Sinus-lifting, Bone Augmentation.

The gallery works on the principle of the slideshow presentation. You open a topic you are interested in, the topic itself can contain 3-9 images. You choose the most suitable illustration and show to the patient and consult him. Next, you can switch the related images from the topic while you continue to consult.

Using a TV for a demonstration. Read the instructions of your TV and smartphone, most likely you have the opportunity to broadcast on a large TV display. This can probably be implemented as a duplication of the display.

I am constantly working on improving the application creating new illustrations. Please tell us what new topics you might be interested in.

Sincerely, Alex Mit.
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Dental 3D Illustrations
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  • 4.0 [ 1.02K+ ]
  • 100K+ downloads