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Last updated: Friday, April 15, 2022

Build four foundation piles up by suit.

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Braid Solitaire game

Braid Solitaire also known as Herringbone or, Pigtail Solitaire is played with 2 decks of standard 52-cards set. The aim is to build four foundations up by suit. The solitaire gets its name from a pile which is arranged in the form of a braid. It's a puzzle like solitaire game which needs careful planning to solve.

At the beginning 20 cards are dealt face-up in the form of a braid at the center. There are 4 tableau piles, 2 reserve piles and 4 foundation piles on either side of the "braid". One card each is dealt to all tableau and reserve piles. First foundation pile is dealt a card which acts as the lead rank for the game. Remaining cards are set aside to form a stock pile.

Foundation piles are built up by suit starting from the lead rank to the rank one below the lead rank, wrapping from King to Ace if required. Cards are dealt one by one from stock pile to the waste pile and moved to the foundation pile, or a tableau pile, or a reserve pile. Only top card of a braid is available for play to the reserve or, the foundation. The trick to solve this card puzzle lies in uncovering cards stuck deep in the "braid".

- Save game state to play later
- Unlimited undo
- Game play statistics
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Braid Solitaire
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