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Shema Jewish radio + bed 20 Jewish radio stations sounding songs and lectures

To read the Shema has many virtues, it keeps people from harmful and should not come to him ie,
and all the Shema reader intentionally kills every day thousands of pests.
Also, you should adjust the Shema correct the defect misdemeanor States.

Temporary Shema before:

is called the Shema before going to bed should try to read the prayer at bedtime before midnight. .
But who slept after midnight did not bless the blessing of flings with a name queens. In other words - instead of saying,? Blessed are You? King of the world flings etc? ...? There is an article,
? Welcome flings etc? ....?, And? The end of the pool.

How to say the Shema?

A. To say the Shema sitting and lying down
b. Be careful not to be in front of mirrors prohibited or things messiahs consider reciting the Shema.

The Shema has to say so and try to target:

1. Take your right hand and place it over the eyes.
2. say aloud: 'Hear O Israel, God? The Lord our God? one? - and should aim to:
Shema Israel - Get the son of Israel.
God? - Lord of all, was and will be.
Our God - assertive, capable, and all forces everyone.
God? - Lord of all, was and will be.
One - a - God? One unique, h - controls the seven heavens and on earth, D - Governor in the four corners of the earth, and I am ready to give myself as martyrs? B - 4 capital punishment.

Shema at bedtime is one of the solutions is also good dreams
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