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Workouts designed by pros. Workout blocks include HIIT, bodybuilding and more.

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Block train is workout system that lets you select training methods from a variety of different training systems and puts them seamlessly together providing variation, added enjoyment and expert guidance.

We call this structured variety.

Why structured variety?

As instructors with over 15 years’ experience in the fitness industry we can honestly say that when it comes to working out properly, most people just aren't getting it. They are either making it up as they go along or following the same routine for years on end and not getting results. The very definition if madness.

What science tells us is that to adapt, the body needs to be stimulated by new stresses but not to be stimulated with the same stresses for too long as this would lead to plateau and ultimately regression.
This is why we organize our training methods into 1 or 2 week training blocks.

Training blocks

The beauty of training in blocks is that they automatically allow for changes in stimulus. This can be in the form of a different type of training completely or a change within the same type of training.

How to use

For example, you might be interested in strength training. You can complete a 2 week strength block and then change to a different strength block with different exercises and tempo's etc to contunue your development. Or how about a week of functional training or bodybuilding before you go back to strength? If you like to eat a lot when doing strength training then what about a week of cardio to drop some pounds?
You could be a fitness freak and want to try our HIIT workouts. You might start to feel a little weak after a couple of blocks so move into a strength block. Then you might need to travel and not have a gym to workout in. In that case you can go for our bodyweight training blocks.


With Block-Train you could potentially train for a whole year without repeating the same workout. And even better we will continue to grow our training blocks.
On launching there will be 5 blocks for each workout style. As you read this there might be more depending on when you downloaded the app.

Workouts include bodybuilding, strength, HIIT, functional training, cardio, bodyweight, 15 minute workouts and more.

There is also a full exercise library with video support.

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Date published: Nov 08, 2017

Current version: 1.0

Requires android: 4.0

Content rating: Everyone