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In making clothes or clothing, the pattern is the main thing that must be prepared. Pattern is a blueprint of clothing that will be made.

Perfect or not your dress depends on how good and as detailed as your dress pattern. Therefore, making the pattern is one important element in the making of a fashion.

This pattern is a description of the shape of pieces or parts of the clothes that will be united later.

In essence, the pattern that has been made will be a reference in making clothes to avoid errors in the making, especially when the process of cutting the cloth.

Actually even without the pattern, the clothes can still be made but sometimes the results obtained are not as expected.

How to create patterns is not as difficult as imagined. Just prepare the necessary equipment such as scissors, paper, pencil, and eraser.

Tips to Make Patterns for Beginners

There are several things that need to be noticed by new beginners will start to make patterns such as:

Start By Creating Easy Patterns
In choosing which pattern to make, a beginner should be able to adjust to his or her capabilities. It is better if the selected pattern starts from the simplest pattern.

The selection of easy and simple patterns will keep you from the usual saturation when working on difficult patterns.

The shirt pattern is one of the most suitable patterns for a beginner. Therefore, the shirt itself, does not have many indentations that tend to be easy to apply.

Make Direct Patterns Above Fabrics
Generally, Patterns are made on paper first and then applied to the fabric to be made. But if you are a beginner, you should make a pattern directly on the fabric without having to draw it on paper first.

Creating patterns directly on the fabric tends to be easier, especially the pattern that you will make today is a pattern that tends to be simple. That way you do not need to repeat to draw so that your work becomes more efficient.

Learn To Always Measure Your Ability
Once you have formed the pattern on the fabric to be made, then it is time for you to unify the pattern that has been made by sewing.

This is a good time for you to measure and hone your skills in sewing techniques.

Generally, any pattern made to make a shirt has its own difficulty level.

Each pattern sometimes has certain parts that are quite difficult to sew especially for a beginner. These parts require special techniques to sew them.

From this you can learn to keep improving your ability in terms of improvement and self-habituation in mastering sewing techniques.

Use Additional Accessories
After you finish sewing and unify the patterns that have been made earlier, it's time you entered the finishing stage.

Sometimes after all the patterns are put together, there are always small mistakes found let alone the result of a beginner.

In order not to be disappointed-disappointed very, Errors or imperfections can be covered by using additional accessories such as ribbons or brooches so that finally still look beautiful and perfect. So you will keep the spirit of self-taught sewing.

Drawing Basic Patterns of Clothes
Generally, the pattern of clothing consists of several archetypes used as a reference in making clothes. The archetype is:

Top Base Patterns
The upper base pattern is a pattern that covers the shoulders to the waistline which this pattern is generally called the front and rear body pattern.

Bottom Base Pattern

The bottom pattern is a pattern made for the lower body measured from the waist to the knee or forwarded to the ankle.

For women's clothing this pattern is usually called archetype skirt which consists of the basic pattern of the face and rear skirt.

Arm Pattern or Arm Pattern
The pattern of the arm is a pattern made to form the part of the arm covering the upper arm to the elbow for the short arm.
As for the long arm can be passed down to the wrist.

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