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Ming Shen

Set by the Department of Classics, History of the Book of Songs is China's first poetry collection, total revenue from

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Set by the Department of Classics, History of the "Book of Songs" is China's first poetry collection, total revenue from the Western Zhou Dynasty to the Spring and Autumn middle of some 500 years of poetry three hundred and five. "Songs" is divided into air (160), Accor (105), Song (40) of three parts. They had names in music. "Wind" is the meaning of tone. The ancients called "Qin", "Wei Feng", "Zheng Feng", as we say now tune Shaanxi, Shanxi and tone, Henan tune, "Ya" is a positive meaning. Zhou Zhengsheng people have called the Aloft, like the people in the Qing Dynasty called the Ya Kun unit with a respected means. Daya Xiaoya may be based on chronological and points. "Ode" is the ancestral temple sacrifice for Songs. keywords: history through a subset of traditional Chinese classics education Sikuquanshu =================== This application is based on nine-step application platform application examples. Nine Steps is Shanghai name Shanghai Science and Technology to create and maintain content application platform, the goal is to publish a variety of book content, is not limited to books already published or unpublished book content, the biggest beneficiaries are all content you want to publish books and have their own andr author of books oid applications, content gatherers and editors. People do not need to be an application by publishing houses in nine steps quickly publish to mobile content readers to present their own works, the publisher directly within the application by the insertion of ad clicks earnings. Nine Steps is a publishing content readings andr oid application templates, you can publish electronic books, has many powerful features, including standard layout, flexible personalization, faster creation process and direct profit model, so that android content creation and publishing application everybody can become a simple job done. Nine simple steps, complete andr oid application without programming skills, there are things you can publish! Content the author or publisher is to publish e-books on their own through a simple and easy to operate steps. On the technology is not necessarily android developers do not need to master any development technology. EBook publishing application pre-populated with the author specified advertising banner (admob), and reading e-books and click on ad banners when they bring cash income to the author or the publisher in the reader. The publisher can be the original author of the book, it can be published free books contents collectors. Nine-step process is still in development, has now entered the junior version of the test phase, limited to internal use, this application is the product of this phase of testing, we hope readers for their valuable comments and suggestions. Once the nine steps to enter the beta phase, we will announce the nine-step application instances publishing site, when we welcome enthusiastically publish their own works, to achieve its own mobile applications and get direct economic benefits through the application of the product. After nine steps to final release, then will inform the majority of authors and content publishers.
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Date published: Nov 24, 2011

Current version: 1.0

Requires android: 1.5 and up

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