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Last updated: Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Keep tapping and pumping! Let's have fun putting air into the cute dolls.

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Air Pumping It game

Tap the screen to pump air into the doll!
When air is gradually added to the doll, it will start to move as if it were alive.
Keep tapping and watch the fun, lifelike movements!

However, if you keep tapping, the player's stamina will run out and the doll will turn red and fall down.
While falling down, the air in the doll will gradually decrease...
Inflate the doll skillfully while controlling it so that it does not run out of stamina.
You'll see the dolls keep moving, having fun!

Let's check out some fun moves for you too!
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Air Pumping It APK 1.0.0 Update

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Air Pumping It
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