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Do you want to borrow or lend a tool? Get on TUL now!

Package name: com.app.tul

Do you need a ladder or a tool you have never heard of before for a DIY or professional job to be done? Are you tired of buying tools that you use only once but have to store for a lifetime? Do you own a tool which has been idle for years and wish you could earn back the money you spent on it?

Do you want to borrow or lend a tool? Get on TUL now!

TUL is the app which allows anyone to share all sorts of tools (“TULs”), giving users the opportunity to find anything needed in their neighbourhood or to start earning money from stuff that they already own. By borrowing and lending TULs directly on this platform, you, your neighbours and anyone else can set transparent and competitive prices.

On TUL, you can choose to be a borrower, a lender, or both.

As a BORROWER, you can start your search from three different categories of TULs: hand TULs, power TULs or engine powered TULs. After selecting the desired booking days, you can choose to rent the TULs from around your current location or anywhere else. You can also decide to limit your search to TULs which can be delivered directly to you and to apply distance and price filters.
The price you will be charged is fully disclosed by the lender and will include the rental fee and a charge for the delivery service where applicable. If the lender also requests a security deposit, this amount will be blocked on your card but will be refunded to you as soon as the TULs are returned to the lender in original conditions.
Among your search results, you might find some cases where lenders have defined particular rules for their listed TULs. Such rules will help you make appropriate use of the TULs or give any practical guidance. You might also notice some of the lenders offer discounts if your rental period exceeds a certain number of days.
Once you have returned the TULs to the lender, you will be able to rate your experience and recommend TUL to your contacts.

As a LENDER, you get to list your TULs in any of the three categories mentioned above and choose if you want to offer a delivery service or not. You will then choose if you will be lending your tools during weekdays, weekends, or both and the time of the day from which you wish to make your TULs available for sharing. To manage all possible scenarios including any misconduct by any user, we allow only one booking for each TUL every 24 hours. Obviously each TUL can be booked for several days in a row.
You will then decide the rental fee, any applicable delivery charge and a security deposit amount. This deposit will guarantee that if you do not receive back your TULs in original conditions, the borrower will be liable for any damage.
While listing your TULs, you can customise any posting with specific practical rules to be respected by the borrowers. Additionally, we offer you the option to add an extra fee to cover any maintenance costs for your TULs, as we think this might be useful for some expensive machinery (e.g.excavators).
To make our platform fair for all users, TUL allows also the lenders to rate their customers at the end of the sharing experience. Moreover, as a lender, you will always have access to the Lender Dashboard , which shows details of your personal earnings and ratings and helps you track the success of your rentals.

As we mentioned already, our goal is to give users a way to share their TULs and earn some extra money. To achieve this, we charge no cost to the lenders, but we charge borrowers a 10% fee, which allows us to keep offering you our service. We hope you won’t mind it.

Finally, to avoid any sort of miscommunication, we introduced a simple notification system, built within the app, by which the borrower and the lender both need to confirm delivery and/or receipt of the TULs at the beginning and at the end of the sharing period. This is in addition to the messaging system (also included in the app) where users can interact with each other to organise their bookings.
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Date published: Mar 13, 2018

Current version: 1.4

Requires android: 4.1

Content rating: Everyone

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