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Apps Intellect™

Demo App - Lifestyle, Ex: Real Estate, Crafts, Hobbies, Parenting, Fashion, etc.

Package name: com.appsintellect.lifestyle

Things You Should Know When Building a Lifestyle App:
So you want to build an Application that will be used by men, women and children of all ages while they wait in line for coffee, eat lunch or do their pre-bedtime tooth brushing routine? In a world with millions of Mobile Apps you need more than a great icon to hook your users and keep them coming back. You need to become as much a part of their lifestyle as their phone. It’s not easy but here are some great tips we have learned while building your Mobile Application.

1) Your users need more than your App to connect with:
We often talk about App when we discuss the idea of giving your users something to purchase to get them hooked on your brand and product. some of the Lifestyle Categories App doesn’t even mention their product on their main landing page! Instead their main landing page focuses on the offers and discounts of the items to purchase. Typically the only reason a person wears branded clothing is due to an emotional connection to the product and what they gain from wearing it, such as credibility or community association.
Other types of products, such as skateboards, are the same. boards are all made in one of a few factories, but the brand name, imagery and team associated with a skate brand let the people who participate in the skate lifestyle connect and signal their world view. The best apps have that same mojo.

2) Your users are actually much smarter then you are (that’s why they’re not doing what you tell them to do)
Just like no battle plan survives 10 minutes with the enemy, no App survives 2 minutes in the hands of your users. It’s critical to use a survey service such as to see what users think of your app and how it should be used. You’ll be surprised, humbled and probably moved to tears, and your App will be the better for it. Also spending 15 minutes watching helplessly as testers fumble through your app will build lasting character.

3) Even your enterprise App can be a Lifestyle App (and probably should be)
You know that excited feeling you get every week when it’s time to sit down and fill out your time-sheet? Exactly not many people get excited by Enterprise Apps they’re forced to use. However, we bet you can think of an App or Tool (email and text) that creates ‘the itch’ that feeling you get when your phone buzzes and tells you that you have a new text or email and you just have to check it or you’ll go crazy. This is something that can be capitalised on in Enterprise with some basic understanding of what makes Apps addictive to users. And now consider this – nothing sells better to management than App you can prove employees want to use.

4) Focus on the Why
Your users need to understand why you took the time to build the App in the first place and why that means they should care. You’d be surprised how having a clear “why” can inspire users to stick with you through product iterations, bugs and other frustrations, if they understand why you care enough to help solve their problems.

Category: Lifestyle , Similar

Date published: Mar 16, 2017

Current version: 1.0

Requires android: 4.4 and up

Content rating: Everyone