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0.9.3 for Android 4.0 and up and up


Life happens where you are - start chatting with it! Location-based chat for you

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ROOMS lets you chat with the people that are around you right now: in the cafe, in the park, the school or the store.

Life is happening right where you are - around you: have fun, make new friends and share your thoughts!

Create a room and you are instantly connected to everyone around you; no need to know phone numbers, usernames or hashtags. A room not a mere virtual idea, instead its dimension and position is based on your physical location - only who's within 15 m (~ 5ft) of you can enter.

- ROOMS is completely anonymous - no sign-up needed (not even an email address)
- What happens in ROOMS does NOT stay in ROOMS - when everyone has left a room, it will close and be gone for good. In a region it's instantaneous - log-out or close the app und what you've written will disappear
- ROOMS got your back when you are chilling on the couch - chat with everyone in your region if no one is directly around

+ no ads, no costs, no tracking.

Q: Why isn't there anybody?
A: It has nothing to to with you - you are awesome! ;) It's just that ROOMS just got released and it might take a while for many users to come - just check back a little later. But you can help by spreading the word about ROOMS (in fact - we need your help!) :)

Q: Can I change the size of a room?
A: Not yet. This is one of the many features to come soon!

Q: What does my user name mean?
A: Your username consists of random letters and numbers. It doesn't mean anything.

Q: I don't like my random user name...
A: No Problem - just sign out and back in again and you'll have a new one. Your welcome :)

Q: Doh! I liked what someone or me has written and now it's gone! Is there a history?
A: Nupp, there isn't a history. What's gone can't be brought back.

Q: Why can't I set my own user name?
A: That's a feature to come very soon!

Q: How big is a room?
A: A rooms is 30 m (~10 ft) in diameter.

Q: How big is a region?
A: A region is 5 km (~16k ft) in diameter.

Q: Why would I chat with people I could easily shout to?
A: Have you tried start shouting out loud in public just because? It makes you kind of a weirdo :D But anonymously in a chat it's fun! Because nobody knows for sure who's who ;)

Q: Is it really anonym like anonym anonym?
A: We don't save any info about you, your device, location or usage of the app. (If you are reported for abusing the app, we have to store your devices unique identifier though). For now, the app uses Googles Firebase backend to transmit chats. We are working on an offline && peer-to-peer version!

This is the first official release of ROOMS and it may be a bit rough around the edges. If you stumble about any error or you have an idea how to improve: please let us know [and please don't rate bad for bugs :)]

There are a ton of features coming soon:
- custom chat names
- an iOS version
- permanent rooms for special location
- customizable room sizes
- peer-to-peer messaging
- offline support
- ... and many more!

location based chat, local chat, local chat rooms
What's New
- beta goes public! yeah! :)

Category: Communication , Similar

Date published: Apr 23, 2017

Current version: 0.9.3

Requires android: 4.0 and up

Content rating: Rated for 12+, Parental Guidance Recommended




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