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Clash Royale Art Wallpaper 4K 2018 APK

Current Version: 1.0

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Make your android more interesting with Strategy game figures.

Make your android more interesting with Strategy game figures. Where in character there are tasks and roles. Among others:

Knight-melee attack melee / melee fighter.

Archers-can attack enemies on land and air, but HP owned is small enough.

Bomber-can provide attack with damage area, but because HP is small enough and the target attack only on the mainland it needs a special strategy
in attack using Bomber.

Giant-has a slow speed in motion but has a large HP so it fits acts as a tanker.

Musketeer-powerful enough to block attacks coming from the air and the ground with his long-range strikes.

Baby Dragon - has an attack with damage area and can attack enemy in air and on land. In addition, the speed of motion of Baby Dragon is also very fast.
This card is quite rare in Clash Royale and maybe Baby Dragon is a magic card in Clash Royale.

Mini P.E.K.K.A-has a fast speed of movement and great damage. But this card is also quite rare to get.

Witch-can create skeleton forces and attack with magic. Witch cards are very hard to find but you will be magic if you have them.

Skeleton Army-will attack in unison until 20 troops once released. But because HP is small, it is rather difficult to use Skeleton Army.

Prince-is a fairly rare card, and has a large enough HP that is 1150 as well as attacks with great damage.

Goblins-usually used as a battering army, because they can move very quickly and do good damage.

Spear Goblins-has a fast attack and movement. As well as Spear Goblins can be used to attack enemies in the air.

Valkyrie - a melee fighter who has an attack area around him. Suitable to dispel a number of enemy attacking forces.

Minions-ready to attack to the opposing tower. The rapid movement of Minions also makes it difficult to attack using spell.

Skeletons-attacking at once to enemy headquarters, will likely be a favorite army in Clash Royale.

Balloon-will fly and release the bomb underneath to attack with great damage. Balloon will only attack the building only.

P.E.K.K.A-then you will be hooked because of the great durability suitable as a tanker but has a great attack power as well.

Barbarians-in Clash Royale will attack four at once in one attack.

Giant Skeleton-will blast the bomb and cause some damage when it dies. Surely if you get an attack from the Giant Skeleton, make sure to kill him immediately before approaching the tower.

If you rely more on long-range attacks to attack enemy towers or attack opponents from the air and land it is certainly easier to use the Wizard.

Golem-will only attack buildings and have a slow speed of movement. But Golem is said to have a large HP and when the Golem is killed it will produce two Golems and explode, resulting in a damage area.

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