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Reference internal combustion Engine.
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The description of app by: Алексей Ястребов

In this catalogue will include data for all Diesel engines and vasomotor, built in the pre-war period of auto-tractor type and special-purpose engines. The engines are divided in the catalogue into four groups: two-stroke diesel engines, four-stroke diesel engines, four-stroke low-speed diesel engines, four-stroke high-speed diesel engines.
The method of presentation of the REFERENCE material is based on more than eighty-year experience of training engineers on these engines in the MSTU. N. E. Bauman. The tutorial first addresses the device and the General principles of operation of internal combustion engines and their systems, and then design specific engines. The material is presented in respect of piston engines of all types and purposes. In the fourth edition of the textbook reflects the new issues that have become relevant in recent years. These include the use of power gas turbines, reduction of the toxicity of internal combustion engines, the use of methods of their diagnostics, etc. More attention is given to fuels, oils and cooling liquids, since the requirements for them has increased significantly.

The considered system piston and combined engines, methods of selection and calculation of basic parameters of the systems based on numerical methods of solving differential equations and using computers. Considered are the issues of calculation and design of chillers, technical diagnostics, system for transient regimes, the fuel system when using hydrogen.

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