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Last updated: Monday, January 23, 2023

Love struck character wants to date! The love story is just beginning!.

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Sensuality: your story of love game

Choose your own adventure in "Sensuality: your story of love"! Play through the best collection of interactive stories and get unprecedented freedom to choose what happens.

Sensuality: your story of love is a unique collection of interactive visual stories in various genres - fantasy, romance, mystics, adventure or horror, where you are the master of your destiny!

Just imagine that you are in a fantasy world full of adventures and dangers, of love and passion. There are no restrictions, no taboo, everything is possible - love, romance, mystics, magic and the most incredible adventures await you every moment, in every chapter.

By making choices, you determine how your story will develop and where it will take you. In our app you travel around different worlds episode by episode, you are surrounded by bright, beautiful girls and boys who crave your attention, and you just have to choose whether to develop romantic relationships with someone... or maybe with all of them?

- Choose to customize your character
- Choose to develop love affairs with your favorite characters, forget about tabou
- Choose your fate and fortune by making choices
- Choose to go on a dating with the characters you love
- Choose to travel through different worlds and choose a variety of roles

Graphic novels for adults will not leave you indifferent!
Try dating your favorite characters! New sensations and experiences await you.
Collect collectible cards with your favorite characters from popular stories.

Graphic novels allow you to immerse yourself in love stories. And role-playing games have gotten more interesting thanks to the new wave of graphic-based stories.

Do you want to experience pleasure and passion? Welcome to the section - Dating! In these episodes, you can go on dates with your favorite characters in our interactive novels. Dating is suitable for both men and women.

These are our favorites stories:

Running from the hostile soldiers in a fantasy world, you find a mysterious estate and pretend to be an ordinary mercenary. You are promised an open-armed welcome, romance and a nice company… But know who is the mysterious mistress of the old estate in fact? Will you get over the danger, solve all the secrets of a lovely stranger and keep yourself alive?

Secrets of Palazzo Tore
Forced to marry a very powerful and dangerous mafioso, you run away with a handsome stranger who promised to protect you and find yourself in a dark, mysterious world full of gloomy secrets. Wandering through the labyrinths of old palazzo, you will face a choice - how deep are you willing to dive into dark romance and your own passions? Will you be strong enough to resist the dark?

Death remedy
It isn't easy to be a talented alchemist, rejected by the punditry. But you are not discouraged and dream of creating the legendary Philosopher's Stone! Without even realising the price you have to pay. One moment you accidentally meet the love of your life.

...And lots of new stories and dating are coming soon!

Our game is free. If you like original storylines, colorful characters and outstanding art, you will definitely enjoy our app and stories!
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