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The commandments of the Prophet complete without Net APK

  • by AtlasData
  • Version: 1.0
  • Updated on: Feb 14, 2016
An application that contains 55 of the commandment of the commandments of the Holy Prophet, peace be upon him.
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The application of the commandments of the Prophet with the explanation without Net is the application's true commandments of the Prophet for all Muslims, whether in matters of Islamic religion as (repentance and monotheism, and the remembrance of Allah and read the Koran and the provisions of the Zakat and pillars of Islam and teach how to ablution and prayer and Thiker morning and evening and supplication is answered and the righteousness of the parents and the night, and fasting and pilgrimage and praise and description of heaven and Hell and prayer in detail and ... ..)
the program also includes other information pertaining to worldly things as (the right of Muslim over and the jurisprudence of transactions and happy marital life in Islam and preferred to seek knowledge of the marital relationship and night warbler alternative medicine and medication Herbal and the Koran and morals, and kinship, and compact neighbors, feeding the food, love the poor and ... ..)

in this application do not limit ourselves only to the commandment of the Prophet's companions, but more than that we address the legacy of the Prophet peace him (CERT Muhammad Izki prayers and peace, Tagafh about his life, information about his friends, his wives and his children stories, conversations and character of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him) through
Men book about Mustafa Khaled Mohamed Khaled without Internet
program Is learning
Tips in marriage
create, prayers, stories, girls, Sunan, miracles, invasions
How was the Prophet prayed, the way recipes prayer
for the subject of immigration Almstef Z without Net

You can also program access to the following:
prayer to visit the grave
Do you pray it
of the Prophet if you see
reminder to pray to Muhammad the Prophet of Allah
Book chapters in the biography of Mustafa
program of the sayings of the companions and followers
women around the Prophet
biography of the companions
life of the Prophet peace be with his son
novels interview
the jurisprudence of the year and worship

this application is free and you can download it with ease through the commandments of the Prophet r free and download the book sayings of the Prophet, peace be upon him without the net for the elite of the Senate, such as Sheikh Sharawi and Mohammed Hassan and Tariq Sweden and Sheikh booth and Muhammad Ali and others

to To benefit more can call you on this program using a language other than Arabic by using the following
wasaya rasoul allah 55
hayat hadith arrasoul
sirate nabi mohamed
sira al nabawiya gratuit
mohamed rassoul allah
sirat rasoul
ahadith sahiha
hayat sahaba

We ask the Almighty that this application is when your good and offers you all the necessary information Thbhton them, I beg you in the last but forget to use your assessment the program five-star because we are in a great need for it, thank you very much for the good Your interaction, if you wish to communicate with the application of the industry, you can send Aamaal and we will try to respond to it, God willing.


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