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Want to know how to make hot sauce? If you’ve been buying hot sauce from the store, you’re missing out on a lot. Make homemade hot sauce today and find out all the hot sauce recipes you can make!

Hot Sauce Recipes | How to Make Hot Sauce
Our family loves to eat spicy. There’s never a time that we run out of hot sauce in the house. Whenever I do our grocery I see to it that I include hot sauce on my list all the time.

There was one incident though that changed our view in store-bought hot sauce forever. We got invited to our friend’s home for dinner and they also love to eat spicy food. At the dinner table, I noticed a peculiar looking bottle with sauce in it. So, curious old me inquired about it and I found out that my friend has been making her own hot sauce at home. And it’s so much better! I asked for her recipe and now I just can’t get enough of all the kinds of hot sauce recipes out there. If you want to start making homemade hot sauce for your family, let me help you out. This list has the best hot sauce recipe you can ever make and taste. Get ready to add a little more spice in your life!

Sriracha Hot Sauce
If you want a sweet and spicy flavor for your hot sauce make this amazing recipe. Get your food processor out and let’s start cooking!

Passion Fruit Hot Sauce
Want a little exotic taste on your hot sauce? Try this recipe made with passion fruit.

Caribbean Carrot + Habanero Hot Sauce
If you want a hot sauce that’s very very spicy, try this hot sauce recipe

Nasturtium Hot Sauce
Did you know that you can make hot sauce with flowers? This will make a lovely and spicy sauce!

Garlic-Habanero Hot Sauce
If you want a hot sauce you can add to your everyday meals, this is it. Add some garlic flavor and heat to your everyday food.

Mango Habanero Hot Sauce
A smooth and creamy hot sauce made with a mango base that’s perfect for fish tacos or as a nacho filling

Jalapeno Hot Sauce
This fermented hot sauce has strong flavors of garlic, onions and the tangy flavor of vinegar you won’t get anywhere else.

Homemade Hot Pepper Sauce
If you love Frank’s red hot sauce, you’ll love this homemade version better.

Louisiana-Style Hot Sauce
Customize this recipe to whatever chili you prefer. Try this hot sauce recipe that will last one month refrigerated.


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