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Defeat villains and rescue heroes from your favourite story!.

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Alice - Wonderland Solitaire game

**All Alice - Wonderland Solitaire puzzle and story content can be experienced without purchase. Ads are optional using a prize wheel (not in the rummy card puzzles). Play our rummy and solitaire card puzzles for free as much as fits your day!**

If you love rummy and solitaire and stories about love and Alice in Wonderland, then you will love Alice - Wonderland Solitaire!

In Alice - Wonderland Solitaire you will use cards to unravel rummy and solitaire type puzzle levels and explore Wonderland, meeting characters you love.

Characters in the story:

- Alice! It's her story!
- The White Rabbit - The Wonderland creature that starts the Alice story and helps her escape to reach Wonderland.
- Queen of hearts - Ruler of Wonderland, help Alice to escape with her head!
- Cheshire Cat - A grinning cat who explains Wonderland’s story and madness to Alice.
- The Mad Hatter - His love of tea-time frustrates Alice!
- The Caterpillar - A creature from Wonderland. Caterpillar helps Alice escape the heart guards.
- Grandfather Clock - After the escape of his dog, he turns to Alice for help and love.
- Other Wonderland story creatures too!

Only you can help these wonderland stories come to life! Solve rummy and solitaire puzzles so Alice can escape from Wonderland!

Escape from the pressures of the day to a world of solitaire and puzzles, stories and love! Play puzzles (rummy & solitaire) to relax, let your stress escape as you enjoy stories and puzzles with love!

New rummy and solitaire style escape puzzle like stories added frequently! Each new story has more puzzle activities (rummy and solitaire) to solve. Alice in Wonderland is a story you will recognise from your childhood. Enjoy the stories within the story!

Many more stories and puzzles in future story updates, with solitaire and rummy puzzle experiences too.

Alice - Wonderland Solitaire is a puzzle game which uses card puzzle games people will love (rummy and solitaire) and stories people love. You will escape into your favourite story, live out your fantasy, meet characters you love in stories you love!

Let yourself escape in puzzles! Play now for fantasy and story, card games, puzzle or puzzles, Solitaire and rummy, love stories, or just to escape from the real world!

Puzzles crafted with love by the puzzle makers of story hit 'Fantasy Solitaire: Card Match'.

From the devs:
- Mark - "Big love for our Alice themed rummy style puzzles and stories to escape!"
- Purple - "We hope you love our Alice rummy like puzzle escape stories!"
- Rosie - "It's a rummy and solitaire Wonderland!"
- MJR - "Rummy and solitaire themed puzzle and escape style stories with Alice!"
- Karmeors - "Puzzles! Rummy and solitaire based puzzle with escape themed stories!"
- Pete Puzzles - "I love puzzles! More Puzzles!"

Alice Wonderland Solitaire - rummy and solitaire escape puzzles and stories.

Endless puzzles! Solitaire and rummy genre puzzle stories - puzzles for all! Tell your story!
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Alice - Wonderland Solitaire APK 3.3.3 Update

Improved Prize-Wheel stability.

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Alice - Wonderland Solitaire
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