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choose a good cage, birds love to sing it melodious

Birdcage material can be from bamboo, wood, rattan, metal and plastic. the fingers can be of bamboo or metal / steel wire. and you should choose a bird cage that is easy to clean and strong. If you choose a material made of metal you need to watch out for some toxic metals. the most important thing is the size of the cage and birds should be adjusted to the size of birds, bird species and their motion when chirping.

at the time of purchase select a bird cage that has a wide enough entrance and its position in the middle so that it is easier for us to reach the feed container and also allows us to move the bird to the karamba, by opening both the door of the cage and the door. from karamba Make sure the door can close itself after we open so that the bird is not easily separated if we forget to close the door.

A clean and healthy bird cage is one part of supporting the artistic value of the bird itself and making your birds sing, healthy and agile, bird shelters can be used as an accessory around the house and can be played with a variety of fun. and unique accents, including light fixtures, centerpieces or planters.

now has many bird cage pengerajin and many cheap cages are sold in the market, but you do not just choose a cheap bird cage but should think about feasibility for our birds. today the carved bird cage is excellent, the carved bird cages do add aesthetic value and add value to the art in the design of the bird cage. The carved enclosure there are various types of carved or boxing cage enclosures, large round carved cages, carved buckles and small boxes carved cages. Cage carvings are usually used for bird cages that are included in the race to add value to the beauty.

Hopefully with this app you can help choose a type like cage that is suitable for your favorite birdsong.

choose a good cage, birds love to sing it melodious

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