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Scary Village Grandpa - Scary Darkness APK

Scary Village Grandpa - Scary Darkness - fear hide n seek with villagers.
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The description of app by: Blocky Valley

Scary Village Grandpa - Scary Darkness - is a horror game in which a mad grandpa with different weapons will hunt you. The old man loves to play hide and seek, but not simple, but for survival. You have every chance to survive and become a winner in this game. Explore the old grandpa entire house, and you will find cubic blocks, tools, as well as a map for weapons searches. Find friends and go on an unforgettable horror adventure. Together, more fun and escape will not be so hard for you, because a terrible grandfather can get rid of and not catch you. Be attentive in the house are placed surveillance cameras, from which it is not possible to hide. As soon as you notice, run away to another room, and hide behind different objects. Hide and run, use the materials at hand. A well-known evil granny can come to the aid of her grandpa, she is armed with a baseball bat, and you don’t exactly run away from her, she can pass through walls, fly, and open cubic caches. Build protective walls of pixel blocks, and then the granny will not be able to go through them and get to you! This pocket-sized edition with a terrible atmosphere is more like a maze in a big house. Focus on the surrounding objects and paintings. Solve puzzles, puzzles and quests! There are traps all over the house that can kill you, skilfully bypass them, they are marked with a red cross.

Main features:
The main goal in the game is to escape!
Abandoned house and dark block forest!
Exciting horror atmosphere
Use unique building blocks

Updated features:
- Multi craft - multiplayer mode!
- Arrange your traps
- You will have a weapon
- New skins of characters and creatures

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