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Last updated: Sunday, January 8, 2023

Pair your devices as easy as never before!.

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Do you have some issues with a paired device? You can’t understand how to establish a powerful bluetooth connect between gadgets? Do you want additional features like an opportunity to set a priority list? 😍Or do you need an auto-reconnecting option or an auto connection to the last device? All of these useful features can be found in our new bluetooth finder application!

We created connect app according to all advises and complaints from our users. You can find in our app such unique features:

✅ Priority device list for bt connection (if you operate several devices)
✅ Automatic fast blue tooth stability connection to chosen devise
✅ Auto-connection to the last device (optional)
✅ Control of the charger, calls control
✅ Choosing the app to be run when the device connects
✅Flexible management of audio notification
✅More advanced settings

💟New pair app can assist you in managing, prioritizing, and quickly re-establishing connections to devices if you use blue tooth on a variety of devices. This Android auto-connect app can be used without any particular training or experience.

💪 How to start using the mobile connect?
Turn on Bluetooth on your phone and another device, then download and install the pair app. When the Bt is turned on, your phone will connect to the most recent device by selecting the "set the last device" option. The most used feature of the app is Bluetooth auto-connect. The Bluetooth will automatically turn off when the device is far away from the phone.

Cool options!🥰
Advanced users can access additional settings for more precise Bluetooth control. For instance, call control, charging control, priority list, and auto-connection and disconnection. The program can be flexibly customized to meet your demands.

📲 If you experience any difficulties with establishing the connection, don't panic. Try turning off the app and starting it again, or use the advice of "reconnecting" — this is the simplest way to change the settings and reconnect to the device. The connect application allows you to view information about each connected device, and if a connection issue arises, it will inform you of what it is and how to fix it.

Install ⬇ and try a new paired bt app!
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Bluetooth auto connect APK 4.0 Update

- fixed minor bugs

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Jan 9, 2023
Bluetooth auto connect
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