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Last updated: Wednesday, January 5, 2022

24 Hour private access to quality of life and wellbeing care services.

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24 hour access to services to improve your quality of life. Engage in health CARE not health insurance through interface with doctors, mental health experts, therapists, physical, mental, and financial wellness services, self-improvement education, therapists, clinicians. Fill prescriptions, Can be used with Alexa.
Using an Amazon Alexa device or similar, phone, or our App, you can immediately contact a physician or other licensed professional for any number of reasons including to discuss an ailment, to manage anxiety, get a prescription, seek a second opinion, or even set up an appointment to speak with a therapist. After your “visit” you can have prescriptions sent to your home or local pharmacy. Service is private and discrete and can be accessed from the comfort of your home or on the go from anywhere in the US. Our physicians and providers address dozens of ailments and may help you avoid unnecessary and costly emergency room visits.

There is no copay or fee at time of service required for a consultation with a physician, or to schedule or attend a mental wellness session. Use the service as often as needed.

HelpCare fills the care void for the many people, who either due to cost or location, can’t find convenient, reliable, quality healthcare.

Perfect for everyone who wants immediate access to care no matter where they are.
Use cases include Membership for themselves and their families, for college students and young adults on their own or away from home. An excellent gift from grandparents to provide to their adult children who are managing the challenges of having a new baby. All Members will be able to receive prompt access to licensed physicians and healthcare professionals who can address issues on the spot. HelpCare is also ideal to give to family members – convalescing, requiring assistance, or elderly living on their own – who are home and require monitoring and support. Valuable, informative, and useful benefits for them and peace of mind for you!

BMR HelpCare delivers the services and access to care everyone needs to live a healthier, more confident life. Additional features include messaging and notifications among caregivers and family, a place to input prescription history, add appointments, and receive alerts from certain popular wearables and devices.  Subject to state and federal regulations. Restrictions may apply. BMR HelpCare is not insurance.
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