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Last updated: Saturday, October 8, 2022

Stories & Story reading app.

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Bookworm, a premium reading platform with hit novels not be missed in genres like Fantasy and Romance! We offer all kinds of good stories to novel lovers worldwide! Download and have a try now!

Indonesian,English and Spanish online reading platform
Bookworm compiles popular web novels and books, and provides you with the latest chapters of the highest quality. This is a must-have book app for all web novel lovers.
Start reading your favorite book, download the Bookworm app!
- Numerous of book genres to choose freely
- Hundreds of web novels were read more than 1,000,000+ times
- A professional author team creating the best novels for you
Start reading web novels right now!

Professional editing and translation team
We have a high-quality translation team to ensure the output of quality works.
The editorial team worked day and night, meticulously, provide high-quality content, bid farewell to typos and incorrect formats.

Main Authors Team
OurBookworm authors come from all over the world, with experience and talent in writing stories of different genres and update them frequently to guarantee their fans’ entertainment.
Bookworm has been continuously recruiting high-quality authors and has a steady stream of new content recommendations.
Join Bookworm and become a professional author.
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Stories & Story reading app

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