Onet Puzzle

Last updated: March 2023

A tile-matching puzzle game for all ages.

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Onet Puzzle - Tile Matching game

Onet Puzzle is a tile-matching game for all ages to play and relax in the free time. It offers 20+ elaborate themes and music for much fun! With memory of your brain and concentration of your mind, you search pairs, connect to eliminate them during the given time. Higher level you get more challenging it is, but various tools and treasure box are there for help! Download and enjoy it now!

- Connect two same tiles to eliminate them with a polyline.
- The polyline contains no more than 3 inflection points.
- Get harder for higher level with more grids and types of pairs.
- 4 useful tools are there to help.
- More scores and higher level you get when you win.
- Higher enough to get treasure box.
- There is time limit.

✓ Totally FREE.
✓ Train your memory and concentration.
✓ No wifi needed, you can play it everywhere.
✓ 20+ elaborate themes of images. So much fun!
✓ Wonderful game sound effects and music .
✓ Higher level and more scores you get, more challenges you will encounter!
✓ Available theme: shoes, candy, eye glasses, alphabet cake,...
✓ Support: 4 useful tools are there for help you!
✓ Support: Treasure box keep you motivated!
✓ Woody user interface gets you closer to nature and relax you.
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Onet Puzzle - Tile Matching
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