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Learn to draw gundam tutorials only in this application

How to Draw Gundam
Robots by their very nature are science fiction and this area appeals to many fans of the genre, and so it is quite right that we go through another drawing article on how to draw gundam from scratch, it is important to note that this article and the following link are only an idea of inspiration and one possible way to draw a gundam as you own imagination will apply to your own robot creations.

Every drawing must have a framework and gundam is no different. However, unlike the human body you can draw a robot based off a human form or just something entirely futuristic with its own structure and shape, but in this tutorial we have the humanoid structure to work from, and so we start off with an oval shape for the head as usual and then all the joints such as the shoulders, the elbows, the wrists, the pelvis, the knees and the ankles are all roughly sketched in as round circles and then the biceps, the forearms, the thighs and the calves are all sketched in a sausage shaped.

Drawing gundam step by step
The torso of the gundam is like one large fat oval egg shape that doesn't have to be stressed over at this point, so long as it loosely connects to all the other gundam parts such as the arms, legs and the head.

The above method is ideal for drawing gundam, especially as you are marking in all the areas that you want to define, but it necessarily doesn't have to stay that way, not with it being a robot anyway, there is a tendency to try and draw too much detail right at the beginning, but this is advised against as the more you learn to draw from the start by planning your sketches then the better your drawings will be every time you draw.

If you want to can drawing gundam, this application have available many drawing gundam tutorial. So download now and learn to draw gundam. This application is very easy to use and have many features.

- Easy to use
Best selection of graffiti letters
- User friendly interface
- Offline version
- Set as wallpaper
- Pin zoom
- Have sharing function
- Free Download

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