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TaxiUA!-allows drivers to find passengers and customers for cargo delivery.
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The description of app by: BusinesSoft

TaxiUA! is an application for passengers and drivers of cars, minibuses, buses and trucks, allowing you to create and receive passenger transportation and cargo delivery services. You can watch online orders directly in the application. The maps used are familiar to all Google maps.

It is worth noting that this application, for the first time among such programs, automatically collects data on the quality of road surface. After the statistical information about the problematic sections of the road has been accumulated, drivers will be notified of the presence of pits in the direction of the car. Let's accumulate statistics on roads and save our cars from bad roads!

Before using the application, the passenger or driver will be asked to go through a short registration procedure, during which you can specify your avatar and vehicle photo for authentication by the passenger. You also need to enter your e-mail, phone number (the phone must be tied to one of the services Privat24 / Viber / Telegram to replenish the account on-line) and the password to the application. In addition, you need to determine the class of your car, the size of the trunk, the number of passenger seats, specify the radius of the search for passengers and determine your favorite area on the map, etc. Carefully specify the parameters of fuel consumption and the price of your fuel at the gas station. This allows the application to correctly calculate the cost of travel route and correctly show the profitability of the work.

After registration, a free amount of 50 bonuses will be credited to your account.
It is important to note that only those orders that fit your criteria will come to you, as a driver. For this reason, carefully specify the parameters of the car during registration.

You can choose one of two tariff plans for payment for orders taken:
1. “Standard” - update the order table every 60 seconds. The cost of taking an order is 3% of the order amount.
2. “Priority” - updating the order table every 20 seconds. The cost of taking an order is 5% of the order amount.

While the application is running, your work screen will display a map and a table of orders. On the map, you will see your search radius for passengers, your favorite area, other taxi cars and passengers who placed orders. You will be able to visually assess the areas where there are a lot of orders and where there are not enough taxi cars.

In the order table you will see the addresses “from where / to”, the duration of the route, the distance to the passenger, the cost of the trip, as well as the price of the order and income from the work, calculated according to your car parameters. You can choose any order and see its detailed information. You can also offer the passenger your own fare.
After the passenger confirms your trip price, this order will appear again in the order table, but with a new price. You can select this order and in the Details tab click the Take Order button. In this case, your account will be debited funds according to the chosen rate.

The passenger, having registered beforehand, can choose the departure address and the destination of the trip in a convenient way. After that, on the Order tab there is an opportunity to specify the amount of baggage, the number of passenger seats, additional requests or services and the desired price of the trip (or leave the recommended price calculated automatically). Next, you need to press the "Order a trip" button, as a result of which the order will be placed in the general list of orders. In case of urgent order, the passenger can indicate a tick priority order. This function will cost the passenger 5% of the order value and the recommended price will be increased by a factor of 1.5, which will further stimulate your order to be taken first.

Thank you for your interest in our application !!! We hope for a long and fruitful cooperation.

BusinesSoft team.
What's New
Fixed minor bugs.
Added control over expenses and recharge.
Added convenient taximeter.
Added road analyzer.
Added the ability to recharge through purchases in the application.
Adapted to new versions of Android.
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