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캐시닥 - 당신의 금융건강 주치의 APK icon

캐시닥 - 당신의 금융건강 주치의 APK

A smart automatic household cash register that collects and manages my scattered money. A glass of Starbucks is free for 15 days!.
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The description of app by: CashWalk, Inc.

My money scattered! The cache doc that you manage.

You can install it for 15 days and get a free Starbucks!

# Asset Management # Financial Management # Cash Management # Rewards # Pin Tech # Daily # Household # Mobile Coupons # Consumption Habits

* It is possible to inquire of all financial companies only once with certified certificate interlocking.

** ** My money scattered all at once! **

- I can collect my money, which is scattered among banks, cards, loans and other financial companies at once. Now it is time to write several apps by financial companies.

- Even if the certificate is not on the phone, OK! At Cash Doc you can copy the certificate directly from your PC. If you do not have a certificate, log in with your username!

- My credit rating, cars, stocks, real estate, etc. will be linked soon. * ^ _ ^ *

■ ** A smart household account that records automatically without worrying! **

- How much did you come in and how much? With Cashdock, your daily income and expenses are automatically recorded.

- Please arrange for me the card expense category that I wrote such as food expenses, transportation expenses, cafe. My salary that passed through the account, now hold tight!

- Stop the screen that was sick and painful! Kathy Doc displays a lot of information with ease.

■ ** Starbucks americano is in my hands even if I use only 15 days! **

- How much did you spend today? Even if you check only the automatic record bookkeepers, every day points are fun! You can get Starbucks Americano in just 15 days.

- Use Cash DOC points as cash in tens of thousands of affiliates across the country. Cash Dapoint can be used at most of the affiliate stores around GS25, CU, Seven Eleven, and convenience stores as well as Starbucks, Tooth's Place, VIPS, BBQ, Domino Pizza, Burger King, Mums Touch, .

** Unable to hack the security cache cash! **

- Do not keep sensitive financial information in any app!

- Kathy Doc uses the SSL / TLS and AES-256 encryption algorithms used by NASA in the United States to safeguard financial information.

- Authorized certificates and ID / password are encrypted only on the phone and never transmitted to the server.

- You can set your fingerprint registration so that you can never see my financial information unless you are yourself.

- Interlocking financial institution

    [Bank connection]

    Shinhan Bank, Kookmin Bank, Woori Bank, KBE Hana Bank (including former KEB account), Nonghyup Bank, Citibank, Industrial Bank, SC Bank, Post Office, K Bank, KDB, Busan Bank, Daegu Bank, Gwangju Bank, Jeonbuk Bank, Suhwa Bank, Jeju Bank, Saemaeul Bank, Credit Union

    [Card connection]

    IBK card, Suhiai card, Gwangju card, Jeonbuk card, Shinhan card, Samsung card, Kookmin card, Hyundai card, Lotte card, Woori card, Hana card, BC card,


    When the bank and the card are linked, the loan details are displayed together.

    You can only check the details of BC Card, Lotte Card, Samsung Card, Shinhan Card, Hana Card, KB Card, Nonghyup Card, Hyundai Card and Woori Card.

- Permission to use Kaskad Doc app

    - Storage space (required): Saving and importing public certificates

    * Required permissions are required to use the service. If permission is denied, it may not work properly.

    * You can use the service without selecting permission, and you can change it at any time in your phone's settings.

    * If you are using Android version 6.0 or lower, it is difficult to provide consent and withdrawal of optional access rights.

- Service center

    Email: [email protected]
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