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Simple design adds a sophisticated touch to holiday gatherings. Wrap foam 'gifts' in lovely papers and top with glass globes and lush ribbons.

Completion time – 2 hours

Cube, 5"
Sheet, 18" x 12" x 1"

Other Materials
Coordinating decorative papers (or gift wrap), 12"
Light green cardstock, one sheet
Wooden dowel, 5/8" thick
Coordinating ribbons: wire-edged, 1" x 1-2/3 yds.;
Glass ball ornaments, three

Serrated knife
Candle stub or paraffin
Fine-line black permanent marker
T-square or long metal ruler
Scissors: straight blade; decorative-edge
Straight pins
Craft knife with sharp blade
Small craft saw
Transparent tape
Low-temp glue gun and glue sticks
Thick, white craft glue

1. Refer to diagram to divide foam sheet into pieces; use
marker and T-square to ensure straight lines. Wax serrated
knife with candle stub or paraffin and cut foam on lines.

2. Use glue gun to glue stacked 2" squares together. Repeat
for 4" and 5" squares. Wrap each foam "gift" with a different
paper, including 7" square, securing edges with tape and pins as needed. Stack and glue boxes together as shown. Set aside.

3. Use serrated knife to slice 1/2" from each side of 5" foam cube, creating a 4" x 4" x 5" base. Use marker to draw a 3" square at center bottom of base. Cut long sides on an angle from 4" square edges down to 3" square edges.

4. Trace sides and top of base onto decorative paper; cut out and glue to foam using light application of white glue. Use decorative-edge scissors to cut trim from light green cardstock and glue around base as shown.

5. Use craft saw to cut 4-3/8" dowel length for "trunk" of tree. Cut one 2-1/4" x 4-3/8" green cardstock piece. Spread white glue along length of dowel and wrap with cardstock. Apply additional glue along overlapping paper edge and hold until glue sets. Let dry completely.

6. Mark center bottom of gift stack and center top of base. Use craft knife to cut 1/2"-diameter, 1/2"-deep hole at eachcenter. Apply white glue inside holes, one at a time, and insert dowel ends firmly into holes, about 1" deep. Be sure tree is straight, adjusting as needed; let dry.

7. Cut two 22" wired ribbon lengths. Cross ribbons at top of gift stack and glue ends to bottom of largest gift. Tie remaining wired ribbon into bow and glue to top of gift stack.
Cut 10" sheer ribbon length and tie around base of trunk.

8. Twist wire ends of glass balls together securely. Tie remaining sheer ribbon into bow around twisted wires and glue balls to top of gift stack.
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please enjoy this tutorial and give us any feedback.
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