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CisApp - World's First Social Platform with Individual Spaces.

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Protecting your privacy & bringing an All-in-1 platform to your fingertip is our vision - CiSApp, Proudly Made in India

CiSApp is the world's first free Android social media app that allows you to enjoy private & public spaces simultaneously. You can easily send messages, exchange media, and create and/or browse exciting feeds in your network. You can now experience an ecstatic social media platform with NO fear of data insecurities.

Connect with friends, family, co-workers, acquaintances, and the vast public audience to explore, express, and enjoy with the right audience of your choice! You can now voice out your opinion publicly, share songs with friends, learn the most delicious recipes from the master chef - your mom and update your organization with work details - all at the same time. You can absolutely leave all your worries about data privacy & insecurities as our very strong CiSApp guy handles all that's "faux".

Why CiSApp?

* Simply soothing UI & easy-to-use features
* Fast & secure messaging
* Segregated individual spaces:
One user account enables 4 account spaces: Public, Family, Friends & Work. Hence you may switch your account spaces in order to connect with the right audience. We are with a new era: "Private & public social media app - CiSApp".
* Private chats:
Well everyone carries secrets but no platform ensures full privacy to your secrets. We do. You're free to choose the deletion time of your secret messages - from your and/or your friend's end. We ensure you of "zero spies" on the best secret chat app, CiSApp.
* Scheduled chats:
Can't stay awake until 12 to wish your best pal? The master of all scheduled chat apps, CiSApp, now allows you to adjust the delivery date & time of the message. Once set, it'll be delivered at the scheduled time without any further actions/headaches.
* In-app browsing:
Follow hyperlinks and browse sites in your very own, CiSApp.
* Express yourself:
Be yourself, feel free to comfort yourself with the feed of your choice. Share your moments with the audiences of your choice. You share, we care.
* Stay connected to the world:
Stay tuned to genuine news & content that interests you! Post to your timeline, inspire others with your thoughts. Show off your creativity, skills, thoughts, and lots more that we leave to your imagination.
* Quick Search:
Explore users, hashtags (#tag), brands and small businesses that interest and inspire you!
* Sync your contact book:
Sync your contacts with one click and we will directly show their CIS profiles to you.

Well well, the list does not end here.
We would love to see you join CiSApp and explore all the exciting features of CiSApp app.

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