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# 1 App | Learn to segregate waste | Fun | Creative | Education | Civic Sense |.
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Civic Sense is a game to spread awareness of waste management to kids, parents and users of all age groups.

Awareness of Waste Management is the need of the hour and with kids playing this game, change will happen at the grassroots level.

Spread the awareness. Spread the Joy. Spread Civic Sense!

Civic Sense Game is a free to download and play iOS and Android mobile game which educates players of all ages about civic issues such as waste management, recycling, segregation in our society.

Segregating Waste in a Fun-Filled, Challenging and Educational game for kids.

Civic Sense is a game where fun, education and entertainment go hand-in-hand. Civic issues like waste management plague our society, hence managing and sorting waste in the right manner at its source is the need of the hour.

Civic Sense is one of a kind game that teaches its players to sort and dispose waste into proper bins for effective recycling thus leading to a cleaner and less polluted environment.

+ Highlights

• Free to download and play iOS and Android mobile game
• Game brings in creativity and educational play for Kids
• Brain Driven, pretentious play
• Game is Family friendly
• Fun Filled and Challenging Game play
• Different modes of game play: Arcade, Endless and Timer
• Segregation of Waste into Plastic, Paper and Food
• Multiple game environments like Home, Amusement Park, School, Hospital among a few
• Connect with Facebook and compete with friends and get featured in high scores
• Various Levels with Multiple Environments like Home, Mall and many more
• Every level has a new set of challenges to make the game more interesting
• At tougher situations, power-ups in the game will help to keep going
• Global Leader board to challenge and play with players around the world
• Creative animations used across the game
• Custom selection of background music from a well curated list
• Tips about the game, facts and figures are displayed for additional learning

Spread the awareness. Spread the Joy. Spread Civic Sense!

Have fun playing Civic Sense Game!

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* Facebook https://www.facebook.com/CivicSenseGame
* Twitter https://twitter.com/CivicSenseGame
* Pinterest https://in.pinterest.com/civicsensegame/pins/
* Instagram https://www.instagram.com/civicsensegameofficial/
* Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/company-beta/13302821/
* G Plus https://plus.google.com/u/0/1032478945897630343733

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+ Read more about us on https://medium.com/@civicsensegame/


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