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This app provides key financial information directly to in the palm of investors

Investing is undeniably an activity which is undertaken by numerous people. It requires knowledge, information and time to make any investment decision. Having said that, we can conclude that investors' appetite needs to constantly be satiated. This is especially true with the development of information technology (IT), making everything even more accessible. It is then crucial for a listed company to have an investor-friendly platform that has a wide reach and that can be used to communicate in a timely manner.

The Poh Kong Holdings Berhad Mobile Investor Relations (IR) App is designed with the above said in mind. It will allow the users to be notified and updated with crucial and essential information that are released to the Malaysia Stock Exchange, Bursa Malaysia Berhad. These include financial information, company reports, stock information, stock chart as well as company announcements. This is the perfect platform to have key information made available right in the palm of investors and users. All the information is updated instantly and as and when the company releases the relevant to Bursa Malaysia.

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