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Manual device car engine.
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Manual The device of the car engine. How the car engine works - briefly about complex processes. The principle of operation of the car engine - the differences in models.

How does the internal combustion engine? The internal combustion engine is one of those inventions that have fundamentally turned our life upside down - people were able to transfer from horse-drawn carts to fast and powerful cars.

The name "internal combustion engine" is used because the fuel burns in the middle of the engine, and not outside, as in external combustion engines - steam turbines and steam engines.
Content Guide:

- Engine
- ICE device
- The principle of operation of the internal combustion engine
- Gas distribution mechanism (RM)
- Crank mechanism (KSHM)
- Lubrication system
- Supply system
- Ignition system
- Cooling system
- Exhaust system
- Particulate filter
- Transmission
- Chassis
- Basic structure
- Control systems
- Electrical equipment
- General structure and principle of engine operation
- How the car engine is arranged - we study the device circuit
- How a car engine works - briefly on complex processes
- The principle of operation of the car engine - the differences in models
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