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Borsch - a kind of soup on the basis of beet, the first dish of Ukrainian cuisine.
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-Traditional soup dish eastern Slavs, basic first dish of Ukrainian cuisine.
Borscht - Ukrainian soup, which is considered the Russian around the world, except for Ukraine. In general, beet soup - one of the few gastronomic objects, which in our area people can argue fiercely than about politike.Svoy rich color have borsch, cooked from the usual beets with the addition of acid. Today, its thinness and especially cooking borscht are Poles, and Russian, and Lithuanians, Romanians and belorusy.Borschi can be divided into two types: hot (red) and cold soup, which is made mainly in spring / summer.
Red borsch is made from potatoes, cabbage, carrots, onions, parsley, dill and necessarily - beets. Red borsch usually cook on meat and bone broth, although historically it was a simple peasant food, and the meat was added to the dish just for the holidays, weekdays same - added pounded lard with garlic and onions.
When serving soup dressed with sour cream and served with fresh rye bread or dumplings with garlic sauce.
During Lent soup cooked without fat or meat, only sunflower oil, mushrooms, and sometimes fish. In Ukraine, traditionally prepared for Christmas mushroom soup with "ears" - small dumplings of dough with egg.
Cold soup, main article: friedge. Friedge basis of pickled or boiled beets, in some regions, add yogurt (or similar dairy products), all the other ingredients are added to raw - fresh dill, green onions, parsley, garlic. After cooking, add sour cream, Hard Boiled Eggs. Eat chilled, often with boiled potatoes instead of bread.
Borsch - filling and multi soup is technologically difficult at meal preparation. soup refers to vegetable soups.
In addition to the required ingredients in the form of beet borscht, cabbage (not used in the Belarusian borsch), carrots, potatoes, onions and tomatoes in various regions of the soup may include beans, apples, squash, turnips, sometimes pepper. Borsch can set different spices used - they may be used up to twenty or more. Along with commonly used spices in the form of black, red and allspice, dill, parsley and celery (root and green) often garlic (rastortogo with salty fat and added to the soup), leafs can be used lovage, thyme, tarragon, angelica basil, marjoram.
The properties of our collection:
- Title (and often nationality) dishes;
- Approximate cooking time with pictures;
- The list of necessary ingredients for preparing meals, the number and proportion;
- Equipment and facilities needed for the preparation of meals;
- Number of persons for whom the dish;
- Calorie dishes (sometimes contents of proteins, fats and carbohydrates);
- Step by step instructions for the preparation of meals;
- Serving method (decoration dish and feed it on the table).
- Recipes from various foods: meat dishes, fish dishes, dishes from tofu and dough (pastry), recipes of poultry and chicken dishes from dairy products
- A wide range of national cuisine: Russian food (pancakes) Chinese (rice and noodles), Thai, Ukrainian (borscht), Caucasian cuisine (barbecue), Italian food (pasta and pizza, risotto), Japanese (sushi), and of course French
- In the collection you will find recipes for salads, soups , side dishes, cereals, desserts, cakes, meat dishes
- Recipes for different people -children menu, Lenten menu, vegetarian dishes, baa gluten diet
Recipes - Guide to culinary preparations. It contains information about the necessary foodstuffs, their proportions and instructions for mixing and processing. Recipes describe the mechanical and thermal treatment of the ingredients, the methods of serving finished articles.
Recipes with photos transmitted by word of mouth, as well as published in cookbooks and on specialized sites. There are secret recipes, culinary transmitted to his heirs


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