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Expenses, National Georgian soup.
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Often soup "Kharcho" - thick hot soup with the meat (required with veal or beef), rice and tomatoes. And sometimes "Kharcho" in Kolkh - it is rather the sauce, which added adjika. It is possible to dip the bread, and you can eat it with Gomi - fresh polenta of millet and corn flour.
Most often, when you specify a recipe concretize - some areas of Georgia belongs to the recipe. There are soups in Georgian, in Kolkh etc. But the essence of the soup - beef soup with a sharp tkemali and nuts, remains unchanged. Soup is very spicy, spicy, with lots of garlic and herbs. Much thicker than soups, to which we are accustomed to, and generally "in the soup should be half of the liquid" is not observed.

Now the soup is made from various meats: pork, lamb, veal, and even birds. But in the grub name - literally, beef soup, "dzerohis hortsi harshot".

Kharcho is always sour basis - plum tkemali. When cooking is often more affordable tkemali replace tomato paste. However, there is an option not to use tkemali, and the so-called "sour lavash". This is not the bread, as many think. This dried pulp tkemali or dogwood. Puree fruits are dried in the sun in the form of huge cakes - pitas. They are called tklapi - as needed break off a piece, soaked and added to the grub, or other dishes.

Second essential component - walnuts. It is said that in the Caucasus without walnuts prepared, probably, only wine. In addition, walnuts are the basis of known in the Caucasus bazhe sauce, which we know very little of the title, but knows sacivi dish, which actually is a bird (meat, fish) in sauce bazhe.

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